Love to remember

藝術家:Alice Marcelino

展期:2018 春季 Spring






African and Caribbean funerals are about to celebrating the life that was lost and the legacy that endures.

Even through it is a very emotional occasion, the remembrance of happier days, the laugh about life situations and the songs that will guide the soul to the promise land, create inspirational and unique moments.

Most surprisingly, to photograph this social event become a history lesson of the endurance of the lives of those who departed their motherland to make their contribution to the British empire, and nevertheless facing social prejudice, raised families and created communities; those who have contributed greatly to the cultural richness of English society.


Alice Marceino

Alice Marcelino,英國倫敦攝影師


Alice Marcelino is a London based photographer.

Born in Luanda, Angola, Alice moved to Portugal at a very early age, where she grew up and lived most of her life. She experienced and explored various art forms, from dance to theatre, until discovering and adopting photography as her main form of expression. Her images reflect her special interest in individual stories exploring concepts of identity and sub-cultures, and their meaning in our globalized world.